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For every entity on this planet, there is a purpose.The question is, have you found yours?

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About Us

Shilpa Ajwani, the CEO of unomantra, began her enterprise with an aim of enabling consumer- centric lifestyle Businesses in Beauty & Fashion, Wellness & Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Homeware & contemporary living to grow faster. A seasoned Social Selling Expert, Shilpa has a solid reputation for providing transformative leadership to top multinational corporations, such as Oriflame Swedish Cosmetics, Vorwerk of Germany and Tupperware Brands, that are well known for their superior B2C Systems that encourage micro entrepreneurship. With over two decades of experience, she is an expert in scaling innovative business models to set them up on a trajectory of sustainable growth and profitability. She is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and organisations as their Business Success Partner. She brings global best practices, experience of diverse cultures and leadership styles, effective coaching techniques and candid advice to catalyse growth. She has won several accolades during her corporate career such as the CEO of the Year 2017 conferred by Economic Times Polymer Awards while she was leading Tupperware India. Shilpa is sought after by organisations as a Business Consultant, Leadership Coach, Sales Strategy Execution Expert, Keynote Speaker, Panelist and Board Member for creating collaborative, sustainable results. She takes pride in championing the cause of entrepreneurship, diversity & inclusion in all her pursuits.

The unomantra advantage

We bring a structured and empathetic approach of identifying the real needs of a business basis which customised, innovative solutions are created. These are meant to get the business to not just survive but THRIVE and create market dominance with the help of the depth and width of the hands-on senior leadership experience Shilpa brings with her.

Unomantra uses a special approach called PURPOSITIONING.
Benefits of purpositioning:

check Create a unique brand positioning based on the purpose of the organisation and align all stakeholders to the core purpose

check Applicable for businesses of all sizes to deliver higher growth, profits and market share

check Deliver better consumer & employee experience

check Create brand advocates and build a loyal community for your brand

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Our Services


Business strategy consulting

Business strategy & transformation consulting that works inside-out from the core purpose and works holistically on creating the right business model, go-to-market strategy, organizational design and defining the execution plan for the same.


Brand strategy consulting

Brand strategy and activation that includes creating a differentiated brand identity based on the core purpose and brand activation by creating the required positioning, products, pricing and promotions to attract brand fans.


Sales strategy consulting

Sales strategy using the sales engine innovation approach for optimizing effectiveness by defining the channels that are most optimal for a business and creating people, process and performance measurement strategies and tools for desired outcomes from each channel.


Leadership consulting & coaching

Leadership consulting & coaching for the senior leadership of the organisation that includes discovery of the leader's own purpose and aligning it with the organisation's purpose, creating a decision-making framework built on core values, strengthening and communicating a leader's personal brand and coaching for personal transformation to authentically lead the organisational transformation.


Start-up Consulting

Start-up Consulting services that offer highly customised consultancy, mentoring and coaching to the Founders & Founding Team to ensure they create a holistic foundation for sustainable growth and high valuation. A detailed Strategic roadmap is created that includes consultancy related to Business model optimization & pivoting opportunities, Brand & Communication strategy, Channel & Client-acquisition strategy, People & Culture strategy as well as connect with relevant investors.

What do global leaders say about us:

Mark Warburton

(Global Sales & Marketing Leader, doTERRA International LLC)

If I were asked the question, "Who in your career made the biggest impression on you?" then I would quickly and confidently respond, Shilpa Ajwani! Shilpa is the consummate professional in every sense of the word. In hindsight, I realized that I hired Shilpa to help fix some significant problems that were nearly impossible to fix. Shilpa, with her leadership, focus, and professional poise; came to the rescue and provided both a clear strategy but more significantly, a crystal-clear reason that the team could identify with and align to. She lead by example and helped us navigate a million issues that seemed to compound daily. She was articulate and provided a much-needed leadership voice as we began putting our startup operations into motion. Without hesitation, I would welcome the chance to continue to collaborate and strategize with her and would highly recommend Shilpa as a great consultant, adviser, sounding board, and guide for any company.

Asha Gupta

(Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer at Amway)

Shilpa is a passionate and energetic professional with talent and experience in the direct selling or D2C space with talent of managing and motivating large internal and external teams. She is strategic in the way she approaches issues, with a high level of empathy on how decisions impact people. She has leadership skills and business transformational experiences that are relevant to any industry.

Bjorn Almer

(Chief Business Officer paSkane Care AB)

Having worked with super talented achievers across the globe in various industries, Shilpa remains among those few that really stand out. She has the ability to combine brilliance with a humble yet straight talking approach while creating a positive atmosphere. In a world full of talkers she has the ability to walk the talk and ensure promises are fulfilled. Already 20 years ago she had a 6th sense and gut feeling that helped us make the right decisions.

Michael Tziallas

(Senior Vice President Vorwerk International Kobold and Thermomix)

Shilpa is an inspirational leader with amazing strategic capabilities. When Shilpa reported to me there was a tremendous stress in the business and Shilpa managed with her inner peace and strong leadership to bring focus and achieve execution. Shilpa is a dynamic executive with rare values and high personal ethics.

Piyush Chandra

(Managing Director, Oriflame East Africa Ltd.)

It’s rare that you come across a manager like Shilpa. Working with her was a pleasure; her mentoring helped lay a strong foundation to my direct selling experience. Shilpa’s genuine approach to work and her positive outlook was inspiring. She shared ideas that were very creative and out of the box. As an individual, she was always calm no matter how intense the pressure and that always helped manage unforeseen situations very smoothly. Shilpa, it was indeed one of the best phases of my professional life working with you!

Jackie Trask

(SVP of Worldwide Human Resources, JAFRA Cosmetics, International)

Shilpa Ajwani is an amazing business woman who embodies the ultimate professional competence combined with a caring and generous heart. This profile is hard to find and Shilpa is truly a role model. During the time she led our business in India she fought tirelessly to provide an opportunity that would change the lives of so many women. She believed in them when they didn't even believe in themselves. Shilpa has my highest recommendation.

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Privacy Policy

We, at Unomantra, believe that the relationship between us and our clients or the prospective clients is one that of mutual trust and commitment. This relationship may require sharing of certain information by the people dealing with us. We assure all such persons that any information shared during the course of our relationship, whether during the course of a contract or otherwise, is not shared with any third party in the normal circumstances, except with the employees, associates, advisors and other similarly situated persons employed or associated with Unomantra, with whom it may be essential to share the information only for the purpose of providing the services or consultancy or for collection, collation or dissemination of information. Unomantra further assures that ‘contact’ information, such as phone numbers and emails etc. of anyone dealing with us, shall only be utilised for the purpose of sharing professional information, notifications and periodical developments emanating from Unomantra and its Associactes. In no case, however, the said information shall be transferred to any unconnected third party, except so far as it may be necessary to further our mutual interests. In no case such information will be shared for furthering the interests of any third party alone or for any marketing research or campaign of any such third party. Every effort shall be made to honour the privacy and confidentiality of all the persons dealing with Unomantra.

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